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"Ancients", "Elders" or "Old Ones", are a standard of Science Fiction (especially Space Opera), fantasy and occasionally Horror: an ancient race whose culture and knowledge rose to its pinnacle in ages long past but which is no longer present.

In Science Fiction, they may have visited Earth and/or other worlds but they would remain a mystery.

Thrust into the Mass Effect Universe he must either find his place or find his way home as his presence brings new hope to Shepard and his campaign against the approaching Reaper armada.

After the fight with the MUTOs, Godzilla gets sent back through time and dimension to Arendelle, Norway only to wake up to be one of his worst enemies; human.

Sometimes the Precursors can be rediscovered; this is often regarded as a bad move, especially by the Precursors themselves.


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    Privately, however, he remains uncertain of the ghost's reliability.

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    False pretence on the internet matching sites is illicit and often involved in ID theft and fraud. He was on a dating site called Millionaire Match but had no photos and quickly asked for an email to communicate with then deleted his profile from the site. I was contacted through playing words with friends by a man claiming to be a United Nations doctor in Syria. Real soldiers use FB and they all have lots of photos and friends etc.

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    There are some myths out there that people assume to be gospel about dating.