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She was also dating that black musician Don Alias for a while, from that great band with Jaco and Pat Metheny -- at least she introduced me to their work.and of course she also knew Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock etc though not sure if that was in the biblical sense ! But a lot of older, financially independent women don't see a need for a man after they hit menopause.

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(One of the reason most of Blue is on dulcimer is because she was traveling a lot while she was writing it, and she carried her dulcimer with her because it was easy to transport than a guitar or piano. They went on a vacation in Paris together, and he commented how free he was of his day to day worries.

OP -- you cracked me up with the line "sorry, occupied." Bloody brilliant!

And if anyone has size meat I am guessing it would have been James. Joni's retired from music now and yes, I think she and Kilauren are all good now.

That was an amazing story how the daughter found her, with the help of that gay-sounding friend who remembered Joni at the rooming house he was staying at, when she was pregnant there ...

[R22] and [R27]:"A Case of You" is about Leonard Cohen, as is "Rainy Night House."I'm pulling this from "Will You Take Me As I Am" which was a book specifically about the songs from the early Joni years.