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Pigment Orange 20:1; Vermilion (hue); Pigment Orange 20:1) ?

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These effects are all relative to the pigments inherent light fastness and Key Top ^ Page Top^ This designation is only a general reference to the most common encountered opacity or transparency inherit to the pigment.

In paints, the transparency of a pigment can change due to what is used as the painting medium or binder (i.e., oil color, watercolor, encaustic, acrylic, etc.).

Substitute and tone could be also considered acceptable means of indicating a hue substitute for the actual color.

However, the ASTM specifications are usually voluntary and there is little means to enforce them.

*]; Cadmium litho Orange Dark [GU]; Cadmium litho Orange Light [GU]; Cadmium litho Orange Medium [GU]; Cadmium Orange (hue) [DB.a | CL | SV]; Cadmium Orange #1, medium (hue) [SI.p]; Cadmium Orange dark LITHO (red shade); Cadmium Orange Light LITHO (yellow shade); Cadmium Orange medium LITHO (red shade); Cadmium Orange No.0 Very Light (hue) [KP.p]; Cadmium Orange No. The information on the Blick Art site, Grumbacher Cadmium are indicated to be cadmium barium pigments but are given the CI name of pure cadmium colors. In the following pigment info the for pre-tested oil paint they they indicate the cadmium yellows with correct cadmium barium names, but the the reds and oranges are all designate as PO-40 instead of PO-40:1allthough the literature states, it to a cadmium barium pigment.