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"I throw a curveball by busting some rhymes in the bridge," Ronnie says, laughing. " from his friend and tour manager Josh Stern, who sadly passed away. "It's a good song that plays on my old style, too, because we had to keep that feeling.

I wanted to pay homage to Josh, who was a really good friend of mine, by having it on the record." Fashionably Late closes with the direct, to-the-point and appropriately-titled "Keep Holding On." The first verse is about Ronnie's own troubles, the second from the perspective of kids who are bullied.

We stuck 'Alone' in the middle of the record with one of the greatest solos and breakdowns, just balls to the wall with it, so all the metalheads can get into it." From there, the album dives headfirst into one of its most adventurous moments, hitting upon the pulse of the past few generations raised on video games new and old with incredibly deft precision. " "It's Over When it's Over" offers one last kiss-off to Radke's former band, tempering the vicious bite of earlier songs like "Tragic Magic" with a newfound peace and contentment, as well as a sense of pride in Ronnie's accomplishments with Falling In Reverse. All of the trials I went through, it's pretty self-explanatory. That's it." "Self-Destruct Personality" is a nod to the first Falling In Reverse record and Escape The Fate's debut, diving back into the family history Ronnie has detailed before, with a twist.

"Game Over" is fueled by classic arcade sounds, with Ronnie singing, "Life is like a video game." "We're all trying to collect our 'coins' and impress the girl, or the 'princess,' by saving her," he explains of the analogy. "Daddy told me not to bite my tongue/ I hate my mother because she left me with no love/ so I bottled it up/swept it under the rug." It's acknowledging the past, while moving toward the future. " The first song Ronnie wrote for the album was "Fuck the Rest." The recording features a background "Hey!

To get the PARENT WRISTBAND the morning of the show, the PARENT must bring their photo ID, the child they are accompanying, and the PAID ticket to the yellow guest list tent by the main gates .