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There was a village on the spur of Mount Silpius named Io, or Iopolis.

This name was always adduced as evidence by Antiochenes (e.g.

During the late Hellenistic period and Early Roman period, Antioch's population reached its peak of over 500,000 inhabitants (estimates vary from 400,000 to 600,000) and was the third largest city in the world after Rome and Alexandria.

About 6 kilometres (4 miles) west and beyond the suburb Heraclea lay the paradise of Daphne, a park of woods and waters, in the midst of which rose a great temple to the Pythian Apollo, also founded by Seleucus I and enriched with a cult-statue of the god, as Musagetes, by Bryaxis.

The first great earthquake in recorded history was related by the native chronicler John Malalas. The latter, enlisting a body of Jews, punished his capital with fire and sword.


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