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Hope happens to be in town doing a show with the Village People so they get together. Woody Allen - Moranis; Bob Hope - Thomas; woman in film - Martin; makeup - Beverly Schectman; crew, moviegoers - extras Woody realizes Hope has him writing a road picture and feels he's losing control.

Bing Crosby appears to give Woody some encouragement and tips on handling Hope. "Stick with me and the only thing that will make you sick is standing on solid ground".

Chick - Martin; Man with drooping socks - Levy; Man with the solution - Candy; Miscellaneous dancers - Thomas, Flaherty, O'Hara, Ramis; Voiceover - Thomas Levon performs 'Summertime Blues'.

With the crew complaining, Earl goes for some food. Earl Camembert - Levy; Levon Helm with the Cate Brothers Band: Levon Helm - drums, vocals, harmonica, Earl Cate - guitar, Ernie Cate - keyboards, Ron Eoff - bass, Terry Cagle - drums; audience - extras; crew - extras; announcer - staff announcer Woody sees a Hope film and is inspired to give him a call.

Woody calls Hope to do 9 or 10 holes before breakfast, on him. Woody Allen - Moranis; Bob Hope - Thomas; Bing Crosby - Flaherty The main sketch is John and Joe's Polynesiantown - the final crane shot in Polynesiantown would have severe repercussions for Johnny La Rue in the future.