Sql server 2016 full text index not updating

Catalog Size Displays the size, in megabytes, of the full-text catalog. Accent Sensitive View or modify whether the catalog is sensitive to diacritical marks, such as a tilde (~), acute accent mark (´), or umlaut (¨).Valid values are: Last Population Date Displays the date the catalog was last populated. Unique Key Count The number of unique words that make up the full-text index for the catalog. This operation must be performed if a fundamental catalog property is changed, such as accent sensitivity.

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The columns can be configured with character data types (such as char and varchar) or with binary data types (such as varbinary and image).

A full-text index is made up of word tokens that are derived from the text being indexed.

The most commonly used indexes in a SQL Server database are clustered and nonclustered indexes that are organized in a B-tree structure.

You can create these types of indexes on most columns in a table or a view, except those columns configured with large object (LOB) data types, such as text and varchar(max).

For these examples, I used the following script to create and populate the Product Docs table in the Adventure Works2008 sample database in SQL Server 2008: If you’re using the Adventure Works sample database in SQL Server 2005, simply change the name of the database in the USE statement.


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