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” Having constructed an international network of biotechnology laboratories in Africa and now serving as director general of the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology–a research facility in Nairobi that solves problems posed by insects to public health–Kelemu ensures that research reaches people.

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EA: It is very humbling and nice to get everyone’s support. EA: We now have an 877 toll free number as well as a web site. They have different reasons for going home every weekend, leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday. EA: We drop off our customers at public areas close to their home such as metro stations, malls etc. My mom and dad were my main investors when I started the business. I would say, the culture in whch I grew up has a big influnce in me.

Most of our customers go online and register and pay online. It is a lot easier for their parents to pick them up when they are at a closer location. Without them I wouldn’t have been a business owner. Even if I grew up in America, I feel like how I was brought up makes it easier to respect my customers and easier to talk to them without feeling of entitlement.

The majority of the time it is parents who make the arrangement for their kids. We have a lot of similarities and the way he transformed a simple idea to a nationwide success impresses me. On a personal level, I also look up to my father and older brother; they are great individuals that see the future clearly. And I get a lot of positive feedback from customers saying, you are very down to earth and I think it is an Ethiopian thing. EA: I want to go national and hire a lot of college students. A lot of rural universities and colleges have transportation gaps.

They would rather do that than driving two and half hours to come get their kids. EA: We serve seven colleges now: Frostburg, West Virginia, Allegany College, Petomac State College, and three more colleges in Eastern Maryland. Our motto is students need their own transportation services. We are just trying to fulfill the transportation part of it. I have a lot of students that work for me, about a dozen. Then this came along and I just knew I wanted to make it a success and I truly believed in it. I met him for a coffee once and he gave me few feedbacks and it helped shaped my business. And one thing I figured out as I matured is that my father is always right. Another thing is my father supported all my decisions in life. My goal, in about 6 years or so, to be in as many universities and colleges as possible. Most of the colleges we service right now, we were asked to be there.

“If I am not responding to a phone call I am checking the website (Collegeshuttles.com), or driving occasionally when the demand is high.


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